Restored Carpenter’s Hatchet

Restored Carpenter’s Hatchet


This carpenter’s hatchet has lived a full life and is cleaned up and ready for another one. The maker’s mark is too faint to make out. The head is cast steel with a high-carbon edge forge welded in. Because that type of manufacturing process has long since faded into antiquity, we estimate this hatchet was made sometime in the early 20th century.

John made a custom handle for this hatchet from 20-year-old, locally-milled hickory. Hickory is one of the hardest available woods, yet still flexible enough to take an impact without splitting. Upon completion, the hatchet was submerged in a linseed oil bath for one week.

John also made a custom sheath out of heavy leather treated with beeswax and oil, and fastened with copper rivets. The hatchet comes in a slender handmade box, made primarily from pine sawed from Enger Grove.

Note: This hatchet is designed for hewing flat surfaces. It has a chisel grind, meaning the left cheek of the blade is flat and the right is ground. Because of that, it will only work appropriately for right-handed people.

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