Restored Stiletto True Temper Felling Axe

Restored Stiletto True Temper Felling Axe


This double bit felling axe was manufactured by True Temper under their high-quality Stiletto imprint. Exact year is unknown, but we estimate somewhere between the 1920s and 1940s. The axe head is a puget sound pattern. The long head has narrow cutting edges to plunge deep into large trees

John took this old head and brought it back to life. He re-handled it and re-profiled the blades, bringing the edge to a razor-sharp polish.

Vintage axe heads are generally of higher quality steel than ones manufactured today. They hold an edge for longer and carry the patina of years and experience.

John also made a custom sheath for the axe out of heavy leather treated with beeswax and oil, and fastened with copper rivets.

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