Craftsman + Artist = Artisan

Handcrafted Woodworking

Enger Grove is an artisan woodworking shop located in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Craftsman John Enger builds everything – from timber frame cabins to custom furniture and kitchen gear such as rolling pins and cutting boards.

Enger Grove is a full-service woodworking company. The majority of lumber for our products began as trees felled by Enger from his pine grove. Enger processes all his wood on a sawmill built by local Amish engineers.

Order his work directly online. Or visit one of the stores that carry his work.


Timber Frames





Furniture Repair

Home Highlights

Traditional Skills

John is passionate about preserving lost techniques. Throughout history, master woodworkers created work designed to last. Today’s consumerist culture could use a return to their ethic. Enger Grove prioritizes sustainable permanence.

Hand Hewing

Shou Sugi Ban

Ring Barking

Be Truly One-of-a-Kind

Custom Furniture

When you buy custom furniture, you are getting solid, quality wood. No chipboard. And no frustrated evenings trying to follow vague directions to assemble it yourself.

John makes tables, headboards, baby cribs, rocking chairs, stools & more! Have an idea? John will make it a reality.

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