Cookbook Submissions

The Concept

The Arts are among the many heroic occupations that stepped up during this pandemic, as families seek inspiration, distraction, and a way to look forward despite their fear. Of all creative pastimes, none seem more relied upon than the culinary arts – especially during periods of mandated quarantine. Even as families find themselves frustrated by virtual music lessons and actually bored of television shows, cooking and baking is something that can be new and fresh at each meal. It also provides a way for people to still work with their hands during a mostly-sedentary season.

Our family has always appreciated the Foodie scene and love creating our own recipes. We are especially known among our friends for our bread. But during the lockdown, our time together in the kitchen grew in new ways. Food shortages forced us to adapt our favorite recipes, comfort food was no longer just for special occasions, and we were able to try time-consuming recipes that had never fit our busy lifestyle before.

But even as our culture leaned into food at a personal level, those for whom food is an occupation suffered deeply. Of all the businesses struggling in the current economy, the restaurant industry has been hit hardest.

We watched our chef friends lose their jobs and listened to our restaurant-owning loved ones detail unprecedented financial struggles. And despite how painful it was to hear these things, we decided it was important to hear even more of them.

Although we are a woodworking company, we are also a husband-wife duo who are both writers. We met in college while pursuing English degrees and both have “day jobs” outside our woodworking business in fields of writing and editing/publishing. It seemed a very natural next step to develop a book – in this case, a cookbook.

This will not be your average cookbook. It will be part recipes/part essay collection. Our purpose is to create a time capsule that shows the strange dichotomy our culture had with food during this time.

Call for Recipes

We are looking for a few recipes from as many professional chefs and bakers as we can find. We want you to share recipes you developed in connection to COVID. But beyond that, we are asking each person to submit an essay that reveals what this time was like for you. Some of you may share very positive stories — maybe you were able to use your online platforms to further food education or the downtime let you experiment with new and exciting flavors. Maybe extra time with your family was a blessing. But some of you have stories that are painful, such as the loss of your business or a loved one to COVID-19. We want to see both sides.

Everyone who is published in the cookbook will get two free copies: one for yourself and one to give away (either as a personal gift or promotion on your social sites.)

This is an opportunity to:

>> Be part of a creative, unique cookbook

>> Get publicity for your business at NO COST (Submission to the cookbook is free. Everyone’s entry will include links to their websites/social pages)

>> Career Momentum – add another publication to your resume without the work of developing an entire cookbook on your own!

The best part: You retain all copyrights to your recipes. We are interested in making a beautiful, unique and timeless cookbook. We are not interested in “owning” your creative efforts or doing anything to limit your ability to use your recipes again for yourself elsewhere. We are artists, too; we get how frustrating creative rights issues can be.

Submission Requirements

To submit to our cookbook, you must be connected to food creation in a professional capacity, not just as a hobby. (I.e. chefs, caterers, food influencers/bloggers, cooking show hosts, etc.) We don’t care whether you have 1 million followers or work in the back kitchen at a brick-and-mortar where no one knows your name (we want all perspectives in this book!)

Submitters also must live in the United States and be at least 18 years old.

Deadline: October 25, 2020

What To Submit

We are seeking three recipes per submission. These recipes can be in any food category (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, beverages) and must somehow relate to COVID. Maybe you developed them during quarantine. Maybe they are classics you modified due to food shortages. Maybe they are comfort foods that you relied on when times were hardest. The connection can be innovative!

Each entry must include a short essay (600-700 words.) What to write? Be creative! Your essay should also relate to COVID somehow, but it should tell a personal story. We are not interested in a general overview – instead, give us details about a specific moment. We want to see your heart. Show us a scene of you dealing with the stress of balancing everything, the loneliness of being quarantined by yourself, the fear when your boss laid you off, the joy when your child was born (this one happened to us during quarantine!) Be honest. Be vulnerable. This cookbook isn’t just about what you create, its a chance to share who you are. Only rule: do not use the essay to cast blame, shame someone, or indulge in negative/toxic attitudes.

Nervous about what/how to write your essay? Email Emily at She is a professional editor who loves helping people navigate the writing process!

How To Submit

You will need:

  • 3 recipes (typed on separate documents), including photos of each dish
  • A 600-700 word essay about your situation during the pandemic, along with photos that fit your topic
  • A headshot or professional photo of yourself
  • Your bio, including links to your website and social pages

Once you have all the above details gathered, just click the button below to submit!