Fiber Art


Robin’s Wing Quilting creates vibrant, modern quilts that bring contemporary style to a traditional art form. Quilter Robin Enger has been a visual artist her entire life, working in mediums such as pottery, painting and graphic design. She brings her eye for color, detail and texture into every quilt. She enjoys all the stages of quilt creation from the original design, fabric selection, piecing and finally long arm quilting, all from the attic of her Duluth, MN home. In addition to quilts, Robin makes chic handbags, wall hangings, coasters and so much more. Besides 100% cotton quilting fabric, she sews on a variety of material, from plush cuddle fabric to soft leather.

Baby Quilts

Please note: all major sleep safety guidelines recommend that infants not sleep with blankets to reduce the risk of SIDS. These baby quilts are made to wrap baby when in the cold, to cuddle/snuggle with baby while you rock, to use as a surface for tummy time or to hang on the nursery wall as a fun piece of art. Once your child reaches 12 months of age, then the quilts can be used in his or her crib.

Adult Quilts


Lizabeth Towers spends much of her time with two sticks in her hands, either knitting or playing drums. That’s why she is found on as “Goody Two Sticks” where some of her patterns are available. A talented instructor, Liz teaches knitting at the Marine Mills Folk School and hosts a weekly knitting group. She creates a variety of fun knit items, including Christmas stockings, shawls/scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, jackets/vests, and more.