Timber Frame Cabins

John makes timber frame structures of all sizes, from small cabins to large sheds or gazebos. Custom orders are encouraged.

Recent Project (Not For Sale)

This timber frame recently sold! We are working to update this page with our latest timber frame information. Please contact us if you have questions/inquiries.

This 14′ x 20′ timber frame is currently available for purchase. It is 100% pine, made from Enger Grove trees that were felled by John and milled by a local sawyer. John custom designed and cut each joint by hand. The structure is a timeless statement of strength and beauty. It would make a great artist studio, workshop, hunting cabin or tiny house. It could also be modified for a home addition.

We are selling this structure as a raw frame. It’s designed to be erected on a concrete foundation, but can be adjusted for cement piers. Upon request, we can install custom frames for windows and doors. The timbers come with a smooth, block-planed finish; linseed oil can be added for a slightly darker hew or the timbers can be charred black in the traditional Shou Sugi Ban tradition.

Price will vary depending on the buyer’s needs. The raw frame is $20,000, but finishing techniques and additional work (such as adding custom frames for windows/doors) can be added for an additional price. Shipping/delivery/installation is included in the price if local and will be negotiated for long-distance deliveries.

Timber Frame Photos:

Past Structures (Not For Sale)

The Cabin

In 2017, John made a small writing cabin in the woods at Enger Grove. With no electricity, the rustic getaway is an ideal retreat from distraction and the perfect place to get in a creative head space. We use it as a writing “office,” summertime camp out, and mystical playhouse for our toddler son.

Each beam in the cabin was hand-hewn with an axe. It is primarily made from Enger Grove pine, with salvaged windows and cedar planking. All the joinery was hand-cut and fit with no power tools. The walls are planked with Enger Grove pine, milled by a local sawyer. The eaves are finished with diagonal tin, creating a bold, Viking feel.