Butcher Block Cutting Boards


These butcher blocks are made of 3.25-inch thick, end grain maple. They’re delicate enough to slice apples and strong enough to chop apart whole chickens.

A regular cutting board might last for years, but a well-maintained butcher block will last a lifetime. That’s thanks to the grain orientation. A regular cutting board will literally wear away with regular use, but chopping on an end grain butcher block barely leaves a mark. The knife edge can cut between the wood grain, without compromising the structure. There are butcher blocks in Europe that are still in use after hundreds of years.

The thickness of these blocks also makes them ideal for kitchens where counter space is limited. Put one on your kitchen table to raise your work surface to the perfect level. It’s like discovering an extra square foot of counter space.

Care instructions: Don’t submerge in water. Don’t leave on a wet counter. Clean with a wet washcloth and let dry. If the wood starts looking tired or chalky, generously re-coat with mineral oil and allow oil to sink in.

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