Shaker-style Rolling Pins


Shaker-style rolling pins are made of solid wood. Both the roller and handles spin as one. There are no moving parts for dough to gum up. It’s also easier to exert more pressure with each stroke.

In a traditional (or American) rolling pin, the roller spins on a rod while the handles remain stationary in the baker’s hands – which can lead to several problems. The rod bends with heavy use. The metal can also rust and leave stains on your dough.

We prefer shaker-style due to its heartiness and vintage beauty.

Upkeep: Wash by wiping with a rag and hot water. Do not submerge. The rolling pin should be re-coated with mineral oil when it starts to lose its luster. Buy our mineral oil here.


We sell two different types of rolling pins. Wondering which will work best for you? Watch our demonstration below.


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