Toy Building Blocks


Imagination…Engineering…Creativity….Physics. Building blocks teach your Little Person nearly everything! And of course, they’re just plain fun, too. The world feels limitless when you can build a tower as tall — or taller — than you are!

We create our block sets by using offcuts from custom furniture orders. This means that every set is a surprise – the wood type and color vary based on our current project needs.

The dimensions are based on our own “perfect block” formula: Hight = 3 x Length = 4 x Width. In other words, one block on end is exactly the hight of three blocks stacked on their side, or four blocks stacked flat. [See picture]. This makes building large block structures much easier and more stable, less likely to frustrate your Little Builder.

The blocks are also carefully sanded, making them smooth and safe for young fingers.

Sets are sold with either 50 or 75 dimensional blocks, plus six flat pieces for more building options. Pictures show our son playing with the equivalent of approximately 75 pieces.

Our blocks come in a cloth sack for easy storage. No trying to teach your kiddos how to fit them back into a precise box during cleanup time! (You’re welcome. We’re parents, too…)

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